About Us

I have been involved in martial arts for 14 years. During that time I have tried most all the protective gear offered for women. Some worked well and others were so uncomfortable it made it difficult to focus on training. I was looking for comfort and convenience and since I could not find it out there I decided to create my own line of protective gear.


ProBlock offers a unique system enabling women to comfortably protect themselves during contact sports. We offer both groin and chest protection. The protective inserts slip easily in and out of specially designed pockets in the garments. This ProBlock feature makes it easy to come and go from your activity without the hassle of changing in or out of your uniform.


ProBlock bottoms and tops can be worn with or without the protective component. The form fitting bottoms come in three different lengths - shorts, capris and pants. Tops come in sports bra or tank style both of which offer full coverage without feeling bulky or heavy under uniforms.


We at ProBlock are striving to put out the best product for women to protect themselves in martial arts and other contact sports. The women’s line has been designed and tested by women. We are continually updating our products as well as offering new ones. We welcome your constructive feedback and look forward to having you as loyal customers.


Angela Dates


ProBlock Sports, LLC