Women's Groin Protectors
Women's Groin Protectors

Women's Groin Protectors

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A groin protector that fits snuggly into the pocket found in the ProBlock Women’s Workout Pants, Capris and Shorts.  Click Here.


  • Form fitting insert made specifically to fit a women’s body.


  • Compatible only with ProBlock pants, capris and shorts.


  • Extended length allows for protection where it is most needed.


  • Integrated protection pocket with Velcro closure found only ProBlock pants, capris and shorts holds groin protection securely in place, even during vigorous movement.


  • Double layer pocket found in ProBlock pants, capris and shorts keeps protective gear off your skin preventing chafing and pinching.


  • After first use the groin protector will form to fit your body.


  • Make sure tip of groin protection slides in flat to fit correctly into the pocket.


  • These groin protectors are not meant to fully protect the person using this product. It is meant to provide an amount of protection to help avoid or reduce injury but is not a guarantee of protecting from injury.

  • Please see chart for groin protector inserts since each protector fits more than one size of Women’s Pants, Capri’s and Shorts. Click here





  • 70% EVA, 25%PU, 5% PE


Washing Instructions:


  • Clean with a damp cloth and air dry.

  • Do not leave Groin Protectors in Women’s Pants, Capris, or Shorts when washing.

  • Do not leave out in heat, which could result in losing the shape and effectiveness of the groin protector.